Poster Series. Meaningful Poster Design. “Freedom Of” is a tissue paper modge podge created with acrylic gross, brushed on piece by piece, with hand done type.

Logo Design

Internship Project: Paper Craft Poster Series

During my 2012 Summer internship at SWB&R in Bethlehem, PA.
I was also being told industry and design advice. From that, a series
of three posters was created for the incoming interns to use, and also
to help them out. Each has interactive elements, flip tabs, transparent
map locations, etc. 

Bambini Children’s Boutique 

Introducing Sweetie, Petey, and Ned! Bambini Children’s Boutique sells earth friendly and budget conscious clothing for ages newborn to 6T
in Hartford, Connecticut and online at

Redneck Festival Postcards

The Redneck Festival is a real event that takes place in Janesville, Wisconsin. This event is in it’s fifth year running and growing bigger ever year.  Tractor pulls, squirrel and groundhog vittles, and beer can tower contests keep this partying going year after year!

Dirty Bitches: Dog Shampoo

That’s one stinky bitch! Extreme clean dog shampoos on the market today are just that, extreme smelling - Ick! They also don’t condition your furry friend to a beautiful fluff. So when an intense shampoo product is needed to combat an intense smell, look no further than Dirty Bitches. It smells great in the new Black Cherry scent, and is also a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.

Dean and Dolly: Better Half Brewery 

Dolly loves chocolate and Dean loves beer, but how to combine those two things into something they both can enjoy? This His & Her set comes complete with chocolate covered snacks and a rich history. Michael and Dolores, and their 7 children, shared a love of life like no other. Better Half Brewery uses the ingredients inspired by their love: Compromise, Passion, and Patience.

Aduro: Photography Magazine 

Aduro Magazine strives to bring focus to a different area of the
world each month that travelers and photographers everywhere
can experience.  Also every month, a winning amateur and professional photographer from that area are featured.

Click to view at better quality. Created for Educational purposes. Created in photoshop. Time completed: 1 Hour.

Your mission, if you choose to accept… Tell a teacher, professor, or wise friend how much you appreciate them an give them one of the two KIND Snacks sample from inside the box. Healthy and tasty!

Inside the mailer is a mission for the recipient….

Inside the top secret package… Another box, hand crafted direct mailer for KIND Snacks

Top Secret… Hmmm what could it be?